Spend less time. Close more deals.

Estii keeps your team's proposals on budget, on brand and on time. Packed with innovative features that make creating and sharing proposals feel effortless.

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Stand out from the competition with data-driven proposals.

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  • Budget overview slide
  • Timeline overview slide
  • Breakdown by feature
  • Phase summary
  • Breakdown by resource
  • Itemised scope of work
  • Multiple rate cards

Publish stunning presentations in seconds.

Export customer proposals to PDF or present online. No more endless copy and paste between spreadsheets and slidedecks.

  • Dynamic Themes

    Stay on-brand with beautifully consistent themes that can be used across deals.

  • Built in accessibility

    Use the built in colour checker to easily verify color contrast is inline with WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.

  • Proposal templates

    Flexbile content templates that adapt estimates into high level overviews and detailed SOWs.

  • Manage themes
  • Presentation templates
  • Proposal viewer

Iterate and approve deals faster.

Estii removes the pain of iterating over price, scope and duration to meet business and customer expectations without compromising accuracy, revenue and margin.

  • Adjust scope
  • Control schedule
  • Set target price and margin
  • Dynamic scope adjustments

    Adjust scope in real-time by filtering requirements by priority, feature or stream with a single click.

  • Automatic Schedule

    Adjust best-fit timelines that optimise resource levels based on scope, delivery cycle and duration.

  • Set Target price and margin

    Track deals against target prices and margins. Adjust rate cards, margins to tweak pricing .

Organise requirements and estimates in one place.

Estii helps your team keep requirements and estimates in sync with more flexibility and control and without endless copies of spreadsheets!

  • Phases
  • Features
  • Nested tasks and estimates
  • Features and Phases

    Organise requirements into phases and features. Adjust priority, risk and contingency levels.

  • Nested tasks and assumptions

    Simplify complex features into nested tasks, assumptions and estimates.

  • Dynamic Overheads

    Allocate dynamic overheads that automatically update based on project duration.

Control common resources without limiting flexibility.

Estii makes it easy to manage common resources like roles, rate cards and margins, while giving teams the flexibility to tune final price and margin.

  • Multiple Rate cards

    Set rate cards with fixed or dynamic margins and automatic price round-ups.

  • Resource streams

    Allocate role into teams, deliverables and loaded resources to streamline estimates.

  • Dynamic margins

    Set dynamic margin ranges for teams to adjust rates on individual deals

  • Roles and rate cards
  • Resource streams
  • Smart margins

Accelerate your existing workflow.

Estii helps your team accelerate their existing deal workflow, ratheer than replace it.

  • Deal pipelkne
  • Approve and close deals
  • Pipeline metrics

    Track revenue across your entire pipeline. See at a glance what is in draft, approved, won and lost

  • Deal lifecycle

    Approve, close and track deals across the entire deal lifecycle. Keep track of activity and key dates.

  • Sync with your CRM (soon)

    Automatically sync deal status and value with your existing CRM to maintain a single source of truth.

Plus many other features to save you time on every deal...

  • Import/export features

    Import features or requirements from exising platforms, or clone previous deals to streamline estimation 

  • Import/export resources

    Import and export roles, rate cards and streams to integrate with other platforms

  • Multiple currencies

    Export proposals in differnet currencies. Sync to live exchange rate or set your own

  • Real-time collaboration

    Built for real-time collaboration with Inline editing and automatic saving so changes sync instantly across team members.

  • Estimate and price with ease

    Our beautiful, intuitive editor works with you, taking the pain out of keeping scope, price and proposals in sync.

  • Security and privacy first

    Enjoy a platform built for speed, scale and security. Passwordless logins, 256 bit SSL encryption and more