Hi, we're Estii 👋

At Estii, we understand the challenges that businesses face when it comes to aligning their sales and service teams. The constant back-and-forth, the blame game, and the pressure to balance opportunity pricing – it's a tough juggling act.

Our story

Our founders have decades of combined experience working with global solution providers.

Through those years, we noticed a couple of things. Firstly, many solution providers struggle to balance pricing and profitability as they scale. Secondly, this struggle is largely fueled by misalignment on scope and price, originating with inefficient estimation processes.

Recognising the urgency of this challenge and its impact on revenue and profitability, we founded Estii. We are grounded by our diverse experience across solution engineering, user experience and product development.

Every day, our unwavering focus is to enable more realistic scoping, pricing and planning so that our customers can win more profitable business. That's how Estii helped our customers win over $10M AUD in our first year.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between sales and service teams, empowering solution providers to win and deliver profitably.

Our culture

Our team is driven by a passion for solving complex B2B challenges though innovation, intuitive user experiences and cutting-edge technologies. We embrace a fully remote work culture that allows us to tap into talent from around the world, ensuring diversity and flexibility in our operations.

Our founders

What to learn more about our story and plans for the future? Connect with our founders!

Dominic De Lorenzo

Dom De Lorenzo

Co-founder, Product
David Peek

David Peek

Co-founder, Technology

Estii was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2021