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Terms used in Estii

Access requestA request from an external user for guest access to a space
Active rate cardThe selected rate card on a deal or phase. Can be changed to alter the overall price and margin
Admin (or Administrator)A member of your space with all administration permissions and privileges except billiing. See also Member.
AssumptionAn assumption is just a task without any estimates.
AutomationAutomations respond to events of a specific type and evaluating a set of conditions are true before performing one or more actions.
Automation ActionAutomation Actions perform work in a platform, like updating a deal in Estii or posting a message to Slack. Each action can be configured with both hard-coded and dynamic values taken from the triggering event.
Automation EventAutomation events are triggered by a change in state in a platform, like when a deal is updated in Estii or an opportunity is updated in Salesforce.
CapacityCapacity is the working hours each role can contribute to projects each day, week and year. It is managed at the space level
Client modeA display mode for a Deal that hides navigation, margin, target prices and other sensitive data
ContingencyContingency is the percentage added to raw estimates to cover the cost of 'known unknown' risk that would likely result in additional costs. See also Feature risk.
Cost periodThe time period associated with the cost value (hour, day, week, sprint, month or year)
DealA Deal is a unique revenue opportunity or project within your pipeline with a total price, margin and duration
Deal statusThe current state of a deal within it's lifecycle
Deal viewerThe Deal viewer is a standalone portal for presenting proposals to external users
Dedicated roleA dedicated role within a stream that should be scheduled independently of other estimates that use this resource
Default currencyThe default currency for a space that is used to store raw values within every deal.
Default rate cardThe rate card containing the default rates (cost, price, margin) for all the roles in your space. See also Rate card.
Display currencyThe currency used to display deal or rate card values to buyers
EstimateAn Estimate is a calculation of effort or cost attributed to a specific resource that is required to complete a task
Estimate breakdownA detailed breakdown of the calculations used to price an estimate (or task, or feature)
ExpenseA one-off product-based estimate.
FeatureA Feature is a collection of tasks and time-based estimate for a top-level functional area or epic within a phase
Feature categoryA named group of features within a phase. Used to help categorise phases with a large number of features
Feature priorityThe priority level of a feature. Used to control scope based on priority
Feature riskThe level of risk on a feature (none, low, medium, high, extreme). Used to calculate contingency on time-based estimates. Defaults to none
Fixed priceA default resource with units of the space currency
GuestA user with read-only access to your space
Guest limitThe number of allowed guests based on your current plan and seats
Guest-to-seat ratioThe ratio used to calculate the guest limit based on the number of paid seats
IntegrationConfiguration for a 3rd party platform integration (such as Salesforce)
Invite / InvitationAn email sent by an administrator to a new member, inviting them to join your Space.
MarginMargin (or gross margin) is the percentage of profit based on the calculated price of a deal or rate card.
MemberA Member is a fellow teammate in your space. Administrators can invite members to join your space and manage their access rights.
OverheadOverheads are role-based allocations of people (or teams) for the duration of a phase
OwnerA member of your space with full administration permissions and privileges including billing. See also Member.
Payment MilestoneA scheduled payment structure based on duration (progress or fixed date) and value (percent or amount of deal value)
PhaseA Phase is a subset of a deal containing price, scope and schedule for a set of features. Phases are ordered sequentially within a deal
Phase dependencyThe starting dependency for a phase - either automatic (after previous phase), offset from the end of another phase, or from a fixed date
PipelineThe central dashboard for all your deals and their current status and value.
Pipeline stageA Pipeline stage is a major milestone in the lifecycle of a Deal
PlanA paid or free subscription to access features. See the for more details
Price periodThe time period associated with a time or unit-based resource
Pricing modelA pricing model for a product resource (either flat, per unit, tiered, volume or stair-stepped)
Pricing unitThe display label for a unit-based product (e.g. unit, instance, user, GB, event)
PrioritySee Feature priority
ProductA Product is unit-based resource that can be used in service or expense estimates
Product listA list of predefined unit-based products (or services) within a Space
ProposalA externally facing version of a Deal that can be presented to, or shared with Guests
Rate CardA Rate Card is a specific set of rates (cost, price, margin) for all the Roles in your Space.
Rate PeriodThe default time period for prices within a rate card (either per day or per hour). Defaults to days)
ResourceResource is the collective term for any time-based or unit-based element with a predefined price or rate, that can be referenced within Deals or other resources, such as a Role, Stream or Product or Fixed price.
Resource limitA resource limit is the maximum number of a single Role type that can be schedule in Phase
Risk profileSee Feature risk
RoleA Role is a time-based resource that can be used in feature and overhead estimates. See also Rate Card
Role CategoryA group of related Roles. Categories are used to further organise large numbers of Roles.
ScheduleThe estimated timeline and resourcing demand required to delivery the in-scope functionality of a Phase
ScopeThe subset of tasks and estimates to include in the final price of a Phase
ServiceA recurring product-based estimate that continues for the duration of a Phase
SpaceYour Space is the top level of your organisation, containing all your Deals, Roles, Streams, and other common settings
StreamA Stream is a time-based resource containing one or more Roles that are estimated together
TaskA Task is a description of a single activity or job within a Feature with one or more Estimates
TimelineThe overall schedule of phases within a deal
VariableRecurring units that scale over time based on a value range, or annual growth rate. Available on service estimates
VersionA version is a historical copy of a Deal. Created automatically on redraft, or manually by user.
WorkflowSettings relating to automations and 3rd party integrations such as Salesforce