Keyboard controls

Estii is equipped with keyboard shortcuts for working with lists without ever touching a mouse

Features and tasks

From within the feature list

  • Press tab to navigate between inputs on the same row
  • Hold down cmd/ctrl + up/down arrow keys to reorder rows
  • Hold down cmd/ctrl + enter to create a new item (at the current level)
  • Hold down option/alt + up/down arrow keys to move focus between rows (or content within rows)

Text editing (task descriptions)

Text formatting

  • Hold cmd/ctrl + b for bold
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + i for italic
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + shift + x for strikethrough
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + B for bold

Paragraph formatting

  • Hold cmd/ctrl + alt + 0 for normal text style
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + alt + 1 for heading style
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + shift + 7 for numbered list
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + shift + 8 for numbered list

Text selection

  • Hold cmd/ctrl + a to select all
  • Hold shift + left/right arrow to extend selection on character to the left or right
  • Hold shift + up/down arrow to extend selection one line up or down
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + shift + up/down arrow to extend selection to the start or end of the text area


  • Hold cmd/ctrl + c to copy to clipboard
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + v to paste from clipboard
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + x to cut to clipboard


  • Hold cmd/ctrl + z to undo
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + shift + z to redo
  • Hold cmd/ctrl + y to redo