Theme management 🎨

APRIL 10, 2022

Billing and subscription management, updated Privacy policy & GDPR compliance.


This release adds a bunch of improvements to the workflow for working with multiple themes

  • Back to deal link - When accessing themes from within a deal, you can now click ‘back to deal to return to where you were
  • Duplicate themes - You can now duplicate an existing theme (via the Themes tab)
  • Override default theme - You can now override the default theme with the settings from another theme (also via the theme tab).
  • Improved Colour picker - You can now copy and paste hex values into the colour picker
  • Saving Theme prompt - The save/revert notification for edited themes now floats on the bottom of the page
Override default theme
Override default theme

Better default avatars

Our default user avatars were very boring - so we’ve made them a bit more fun. Every user now gets a custom default avatar if they don’t upload their own image.

Default avatars
Default avatars

We’ve also made a small improvement for users with multiple spaces - the user avatar in the main navigation is replaced with the current space avatar (if you have more than one space)

Deal improvements

We’ve made some improvements to scheduling phases with little or no estimates

  • Control the duration of phases with only overheads (no other estimates)
  • Phases with tiny estimates (less than 5 days) no longer round up to one work week
  • Scope priority labels are now visible when rendered over the page background
  • Deals in the pipeline now have coloured statuses
  • Cannot add a new deal from the archived deals list!

Rate card improvements

  • Added the average price, margin to the roles and streams pages
  • Exported rates cards in the proposal now correctly show rates per phase (when more than one rate card is used)


  • Proposals - tweaked page break height of phase schedules
  • Proposals - rate card values changed to brand colour
  • Add company industry and size to space setup / settings
  • Fixed: Prevent account item in sidebar from wrapping as sidebar collapses