Interactive tours 👋

MARCH 19, 2022

We've added interactive tours for new users, and made some improvements to themes

Interactive tours

We've overhauled the onboarding experience for new users

  • Interactive guided tours for space, deal and roles. The space tour plays automatically for new users, others can be accessed from the Getting started panel on the pipeline page.
  • Simplified getting started checklist - you can now replay any of the tours by clicking on a completed task.
  • Simplified sample data - the built-in sample roles, streams and features that appear on empty lists have been updated
  • Improved sample deal - the sample deal (with build-in roles and streams) now includes some overhead roles
Guided tour
Guided tour

Theme improvements

Not only have themes have been promoted to the main menu ⬆️, but you can also import and export themes (to copy them between spaces, or to backup before making a major change).

Bug fixes

We've also addressed a lot of minor bugs and issues, including:

  • Custom fonts now load properly in proposals
  • Exclude features from proposals that have zero value
  • The Update roles and streams prompt remains visible within a phase (previously was only visible from the deal page)
  • Deleting an in-use theme no longer breaks the deal presentation tab
  • Fixed a broken help link on the Import roles dialog